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10 Cancer Causers at Home You Should Get Rid Of

in Health January 3, 2017

Nowadays, there are all sorts of different products out there that can be cancer causing. There are many different harmful chemicals that have been incorporated into our daily lives.  It’s true, in modern day times, there is nothing you touch that cancer doesn’t. It’s an exhausting villain to fight and it wipes you out in […]

Eat 2 tbs of Coconut Oil Twice a Day for 60 Days and This Will Happens to Your Brain!

in Natural Cures January 3, 2017

Dr. Mary Newport has introduced a theory with tons of benefits! It also may be beneficial in the fight against the infamous Alzheimer’s. Dr. Newport’s theory suggests that coconut oil is profound in fighting Alzheimer’s disease. She actually has a personal back story with Alzheimer’s disease. Her husband, Steve, suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for at […]