13 Ways to Boost Positive Energy in Your Home the Right Way

by Shelby

Some of us deal with a lot of negative energy throughout our days be it coming from ourselves or the people around us. These negative energies have a way of taking up root in our homes.

Sometimes we are not even aware of these negative energies, and we seem to be down in the dumps so to speak without understanding why. Luckily for us, there are many different ways that we can boost the positive energy in our homes and even remove the negative.

Here are the best ways to do so:


Do Your Best To Be A Positive Person


This is much easier said than done but it will help tremendously. When you think about it how can positive energy thrive in you home if you’re a Debbie downer?

Think positive and do these things more often:

  • Enjoy the small things in life.
  • Count your blessings.
  • Be creative even in your work.
  • Keep in touch with those you love.
  • Share with others.
  • Laugh more often

Remove The Clutter From Your Home 


Our homes often become cluttered from lack of time to declutter and even in some cases a lack of motivation. Whatever the reason a cluttered home can make you feel trapped in more ways than one. Get rid of that clutter! Make space for things to go if you cannot get rid of them and for the things you can get rid of, throw them out or give them away! Your home is your safe space you should never feel trapped there.

Make Spirituality A Part Of Your Everyday Routine


Take time to meditate or practice yoga. These things will help you to be stress-free, and less stress you’re dealing with the fewer negative energies will surround you. You will attract the positive energies. You can even bring spiritual elements into your home that will help in many ways. Try burning incense in each room or use protection crystals as needed.

Have A Smudging Ceremony 


If someone negative has spent time in your home and left their impression or something similar to that has happened a smudging ceremony might be exactly what you need. As you may know, white sage has been used to clear unwanted energies for many centuries. For more information on smudging and how to please click here.

Get A Himalayan Salt Lamp


These lamps are quite amazing they look cool, and really will do the trick. The results really speak for themselves when it comes to just how amazing these salt lamps really are for more information on them, and how they work please watch the video below.

Create An Attractor For These Negative Energies 

Removing negative energy from your home will take time but is achievable. If you want it gone you can get rid of it. Be sure to allow proper air flow in your home when you can as fresh air can push out negative air (air filled with negative energy.) Salt the corners of your room if you are newer to the home, this will remove any previous negative energies leering in the dark. After letting it sit for two days sweep it up, and throw it away just as you want to do with the negativity itself. My last tip for getting rid of negative energy and giving the positive a boost I am going to leave you with is one of my favorites.


Protect The Entrances To Your Home

Doors and windows are not only entrances for people but energies as well. If you do not protect these entrances from energies as you would intruders negative energies will make their way inside easily. Fill up a bucket with water, lemon juice, white vinegar, and salt. Use this to wipe down the windows, doorknobs, doorframes, and windowsills. This will help prevent negative energies from entering your home.

If you try to implement at least a couple of these your home will significantly improve. You will notice a much more positive environment within just one week. Enjoy!

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