11 Warning Signs of Dehydration

by Shelby

Our bodies are complex machines that need taking care of and regular maintenance just like a car does. Just like a car needs oil, our bodies require water to be able to function.

Water is essential to our bodies. It is an essential supplement to consume, and without it, things will start to go south. When you become dehydrated a whole world of side effects are imposed on you. Dehydration can be the root of all evils, and even the most complicated of health issues can be solved by simply increasing your water intake. Most people these days are not consuming adequate water amounts. It might even be why we are so unhealthy. Did you know that 25% of all kids and teenagers don’t include water in their fluid intake at all? Yeah: it’s that bad. No wonder we are all so unhealthy.

Like I said before, water is essential to any part of good health. If you are dehydrated you will experience side effects like no other health issue. If you are not regularly consuming water it puts you at risk for basically every health issue. Think you’re not drinking enough water? Check out these 11 signs of dehydration you might let slip past you.

Bad Breath – Sometimes bad breath can be an indicator of a poor water intake. If you aren’t getting enough water you will be able to tell by your breath. If brushing your teeth does not take care of the breath issue, then try increasing your water intake.

Dry Skin – Dry skin is a major sign of dehydration, and I’m sure you can see why. With little hydration, our body has to properly utilize the little bit of water it has. Sadly, our skin gets left out because it needs it more for other organs.

Muscle Cramps – “The hotter you get, the more likely you are to get muscle cramps, and that’s a pure heat effect on the muscles. As the muscles work harder and harder, they can seize up from the heat itself. Changes in the electrolytes, changes in the sodium and potassium can lead to muscle cramping as well,” according to John Higgins, MD.

Fever and Chills – If your body is severely dehydrated you will experience major fever and chills. Cold sweats are a huge side effect of dehydration.

Food Cravings – If you are waking up during the night craving a twinkie like a primal animal something probably isn’t right. Sweet cravings, and salty cravings are both side effects of severe dehydration.

Headaches – Dehydration can cause headaches because your brain sits in fluid to keep it from hitting your skull. The fluid sac your brain sits in can become depleted from dehydration, thus causing headaches.

Dark Yellow Urine – When you are dehydrated you will not be using the bathroom very frequently. Also, when you finally do use the bathroom your urine is a dark yellow and even almost brown sometimes.

Your Back and Joints Hurt – Aches and pains are major signs that you are dehydrated. If you are experiencing constant aches and pains, especially in your back, you might be dehydrated. This is because our body’s cartilage is made up of over 80% water.

High Blood Pressure – High blood pressure is a sign of dehydration because your blood becomes thicker, making it harder to pump around the body.

High Cholesterol – A lack of hydration will also cause your cholesterol to spike. This is because there is no fluid replacement for salt and other substances we consume.

You Can’t Think Clearly – Mass dehydration will even cause you to become confused. If you just feel like you aren’t thinking like yourself you might be dehydrated. It can even cause your brain to shrink.

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