6 Signs of a Pinched Nerve In Your Back

by Shelby

Intense leg and lower back pain is an awful thing to suffer from. It keeps you from doing what you want to do, sleeping, or basically any day to day activity.

Leg pain is awful. Once your legs start to constantly hurt your overall health will decline because it keeps you from performing any physical activity. You need to have healthy legs to get up and be active, or every component of your body will begin to weaken. If you suffer from intense leg pain consistently, you’ve probably been told it was just growing pains or something, and to basically get over it. Easy for someone who doesn’t understand how painful it is to say. Your leg pain could be a direct side effect of a pinched nerve.

Our spinal cords are covered in spinal nerves that send and receive constant impulses and communications. There are so many nerves along our spinal cord and it is easy for one of them to get pinched. If one of these nerves gets pinched it can cause a world of pain, shooting down from your back, lower back, to your legs. A pinched nerve is under a great amount of pressure. It often comes from surrounding bone or soft tissues. It will cause the nerve to lose its ability to send a receive inaccurate signals. This causes the nerve to be falsely triggered, releasing the pain.

Here are some signs that you have a pinched nerve:

Dull Sensation 

When you have a pinched nerve in your back it can feel like a dullness, almost numb. This is because the pinch impairs normal sensory perception. It causes an almost radiating numb feeling.

Impaired Motor Coordination

 We get stuck doing a lot of motor activities for extensive amounts of time because of our 9-5 work schedules. So if you type, walk, stand, or run often in your work it might cause some issues with our nerves.

Muscle Weakness 

Muscle longevity depends on muscle mass and contraction. When motor nerves are pinched it gets in the way of this, causing muscle weakness.

Radiating Pain and Spasms

 That radiating pain I have been talking about for so long is one of the most prominent symptoms of a pinched nerve. Pinched peripheral nerves can even induce muscle spasms. Multiplying things by two.

Pain and Burning

 A pinched nerve can not only cause pain, but it causes a burning sensation too. You can feel like in your feet, legs, thighs, or lower back. This occurs when the pain is at the root of a sensory nerve


 Can’t sleep at night? You might not be able to sleep because of this pinched nerve. A pinch nerves can cause you to be rolling and tossing over all night long trying to get relief from it. You might not even notice that’s why you’re tossing and turning.

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