Beware: These Light Bulbs Cause Migraines, Anxiety, and Even Cancer

by Shelby

Old-fashioned light bulbs have been somewhat replaced by eco-friendly energy saving bulbs. This is something that was originally intended to be a good thing but has turned out to be a disaster.

These bulbs when broken release toxic gas. If you break one inside your home or workplace they release twenty times the maximum allowed mercury concentration in the air. This is a big issue and it has been confirmed by a group of researchers at the Fraunhofer Wilhelm Klauditz Institute. They carried out a study for the needs of the German’s Federal Environment Agency and found that these broken bulbs actually pose a serious threat to pregnant women, babies, and small children. 

These CFL bulbs may be saving energy but they are packed with mercury and emit UV rays. UV-B and traces of UV-C radiation to be exact. This can be damaging to your skin as well as your vision and possibly trigger the development of cancer. Breaking one of these light-bulbs is one of the worst things that can happen in a household. Why would we use a light-bulb packed with carcinogens?

These CFL bulbs can cause things like migraines, cluster headaches, seizures, fatigue, and anxiety. It is safe to say we shouldn’t be using them in the first place. If you have one of these bulbs in your home get rid of it!

Now, if it breaks or you ever come in contact with a broken one here is how to deal with it according to the EPA:


  • Everyone should leave the room.
  • Open a window or door to get fresh air flowing.
  • Turn off the central heating/conditioning system.
  • Get some cardboard or stiff paper, sticky tape, damp paper towels or wet wipes, and a glass jar with a lid.


  • Use the cardboard to scoop up the glass pieces.
  • Use the sticky tape for the tiniest bits and powder.
  • Discard these things in the jar.
  • Depending on where you are cleaning the mess up from check the detailed cleanup plan as needed.
  • Dispose of the sealed trash.


  • Do not leave the bulb pieces indoors always throw them away. Some places require that these bulbs be disposed of at a recycling center so you will have to check and see what the disposal requirements are for your town.
  • Leave the windows and doors open for several hours.

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