Starbucks Is Putting Meat in Its Coffee (Beef, to Be Precise)

by Shelby

Business has taken an unexpected turn in the modern day times. It is obvious that business is either struggling to keep up with the demands of a massive population or taking advantage and getting rich off of it.

Business has always been a great thing, and very necessary. It allows us to have the things we want and it enables a healthy supply and demand economy. However, when there are 7 billion people supplying and demanding it makes things a bit more complicated – or a lot. Companies have taken one of two routes: Either they have grown tremendously and they abuse the public for their own personal gain, or they have run out of elaborate ideas and new products to keep up with the ever so vast demand of the public. There is much more competition because there are so many different businesses in the same field. This causes companies to struggle at keeping the attention of the public.

Because advertising is such a huge business nowadays, companies are constantly coming out with new products, editions, and anything new and able to catch the attention of the public. This makes it impossible to stay on top of the business food chain in whatever field you practice, and companies these days are coming out with insane new products to gain fame and attention. Starbucks, for example, has taken things to extraordinary measures with their latest barista buy.

Starbucks is known for releasing new drinks and cold treats regularly, especially seasonal ones. However, it looks as if they’re struggling to come up with an idea for a comeback, and you’ll see why when you meet their newest drink. Businesses have become so consumed with being the latest trend it has led Starbucks to slip a piece of beef jerky in their coffee drinks.

Starbucks describes the drink as, “Freshly ground Congo coffee, slow-steeped as a cold brew and served on draft through a nitro tap, then infused with a sweet and savory malted fennel black pepper syrup. The beverage is topped with a layer of honey cold foam and finished with a sprinkling of cracked pink peppercorn.” Sounds pretty yummy right? Elaborate to say the least. But it gets so much worse.

In addition to this delightful sounding coffee beverage, it comes with a bamboo skewer of natural grass fed beef jerky a’top. Disgusting! Starbucks says that the drink was created to honor coffee growers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who has recently suffered long periods of coffee crop destroying warfare.

Starbucks already leads trend so tremendously that they can charge $8 dollars for a cup of coffee. Now they’re slipping beef in our coffee, and the bad part is that people will buy it. This is so gross!

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