8 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids, Backed By Science

by Shelby

One of the most common causes of rectal bleeding, hemorrhoids, also known as piles, occurs when the blood vessels in or around the anus become swollen or enlarged. These swollen blood vessels are rarely dangerous, generally clearing up on their own over the course of approximately two weeks.

However, depending on the severity of your case, the two-week time period can be painful and uncomfortable, leading sufferers to search for ways to reduce or treat hemorrhoids faster.

They can be triggered by heavy lifting, constipation, prolonged diarrhea, carrying excess weight, pregnancy, or, at times, they can occur as a natural part of the aging process. These small nuisances don’t always present with noticeable symptoms, meaning that some sufferers aren’t even aware that they have them. Other times sufferers may experience itching around the anus, straining or feeling as though you have to relieve yourself even after you have done so, pain during a bowel movement, or the presence of mucus or blood during or after a bowel movement.


If you are suffering, and are looking for an option to relieve your pain, try these all natural, science-backed tips:


  1. Avoid Straining: When you go to the bathroom, try to give yourself time to carry out a healthy an unstrained bowel movement. Staying relaxed will allow you to avoid the unnecessary pressure that is associated with hemorrhoids.


  1. Psyllium Husk: A natural source of fiber, psyllium husk has been found to stimulate the gut and help to avoid conditions like constipation and straining.


  1. Eat High-Fiber Foods: Experts advise that eating a high-fiber diet can reduce your risk of persistent, recurring symptoms and bleeding by approximately 50%


  1. Butchers Broom: A 2002 study showed that butcher’s broom can promote healthy blood flow, avoiding conditions like venous insufficiency which may cause blood to pool in the veins.


  1. Increase Your Water Intake: Constipation can both cause hemorrhoids, and make the pain worse when you already have them. Scientists say you can relieve constipation by drinking one glass of water with each meal and snack throughout the day.


  1. Horse Chestnut: This herbal remedy has been found to improve circulation and capillary flow, helping to get rid of existing hemorrhoids.


  1. Eat Fermented Foods: The consumption of fermented foods such as pasteurized yogurt and kefir have been found to promote a healthy digestive system, helping the body to effectively eliminate waste and lowering your chance of developing hemorrhoids.


  1. Cypress Oil: Aiding in the proper contraction of blood vessels and tightening tissues, cypress oil can be applied as a topical treatment to the affected area.


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