How Your Makeup Is Killing You

by Shelby

In today’s society, makeup has come somewhat of a standard that women feel as if they do not have a choice. Makeup does not only hide your natural beauty, but it’s bad for you too.

According to research by the College of Optometrists over half of makeup, users do not check the instruction to see how long they should keep their mascara on for. In fact, over a fifth admitted they didn’t even know the expiry information existed. Makeup was first invented by the Egyptians, but their ingredients were much different. They used mud, soot, charcoal, and even crocodile stool. While today’s mascara is made in a much cleaner way, it is still really bad for your health.

The eyelids are very vulnerable to infection; the more you touch your eyelids the more likely they are to get infected. Applying makeup to the eye daily can obviously raise your risk of getting an infection. Mascara is also composed of soot particles in them and they can get into the small oil-producing pores along the length of the eye. This clogs them up, raising your risk of infection even more. Mascara isn’t the only makeup that is bad for you either. Makeup collects fungal spores that are just floating in the air, and you without hesitation dust them all over your face, nose, mouth, and eyes every day.




You can also obtain infections by sharing your makeup. Sharing makeup transports millions of germs and makeup brushes store them. Every person that uses your brush leaves behind skin particles and germs and who knows how long they stay there. After everyone gets done polluting your brush and makeup with their germs, all you’re doing is dusting them all over your face. This can cause acne and irritation too. You might not think that makeup has an expiration date, but it does.

The antibacterial agents and properties in makeup start to and break down after just six months. Eyelash curlers start to build up the product on them and they will rip your lashes out. They also build up germs that can give you pink eye and even herpes. Herpes thrives in moist environments and it can easily survive in makeup and make its way to your face – and that wouldn’t be much fun. There have even been cases of women contracting E. Coli from makeup products. Makeup can get E. Coli from being exposed to dirty hands.

You might have even noticed your eyes being puffy in the morning. Your eyes can collect tons of bacteria on your makeup applicators that cause allergic reactions. Honestly, just avoid makeup. Everyone has natural beauty, and if you can’t give up your beauty regimen, try replacing your makeup products with natural beauty supplies!

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