The Secret to Relieving Back Pain is In Your Feet! Do These 7 Exercises in Just 15 Minutes

by Shelby

Our feet are just as all of the other parts of our body, yet for some reason we often neglect them. We tend to forget how important they really are.

Our feet work harder than any other part of our external body. They are easily our foundation, without them, we would not get anywhere. Our feel are constantly supporting our body weight and when we don’t take proper care of them we may end up being in pain.

This could cause hip pain, knee pain, and back pain. If you are dealing with pain in any of these areas you may not be taking proper care of your feet. Try the exercises below to reduce your pain and keep your feet healthy.

Toe Walking

This is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to strengthening the muscles in your toes. You will need to begin by standing on your tiptoes as best you can and walk forward for about thirty seconds. Rest for twenty seconds and then repeat. Do this at least five times.

Toe Pressing

This is one I actually suggest doing early on it os a good way to promote relaxation and will make your toes feel pretty darn good. All you need to do is bend the knees while standing, grip the floor with your toes and hold this position for five while seconds. Release and repeat. Do this ten times.

Resisted Flexion

For this one, you will need to sit on the floor with your feet straight out in front of you. Wrap an exercise band around a chair and then put the band on your feet. Slide back while sitting on the floor, do this until you feel the tension in the band. Bend the foot backward and hold this position for ten seconds. Do this ten times.

Toe Pencil Pickups

This is exactly what it sounds like. Stand in front of a pencil on the ground and pick it up using only your toes. Do this ten times.

Ankle Circles

You will need to put your back on the floor for this one and extend one leg to your head. Rotate your ankle clockwise for twenty seconds and then do the same with the other ankle. Repeat this about ten times with each ankle.

Toe Extension

Wrap all five of your toes on one foot with an exercise band and expand your toes, hold this position for ten seconds and repeat ten times for each foot.

Calf Raises

Stand beside a counter or something you can fall against if need be. Balance on one foot and rise up to your toes. Hold this position for fifteen seconds ten times and repeat with the other leg as well.

These exercises will take less than fifteen whole minutes and will have you feeling better in no time. Do these every other day and you will notice a huge difference in your pain levels. Enjoy!

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