Family Warns on Dangers of DIY Slime Project After Daughter Suffers Brutal Burns

by Shelby

A family from Massachusetts is trying to warn others about the dangers of do-it-yourself homemade ‘slime.’ While you may think this is a perfectly harmless fun way to pass the time it may injure your children.

Kathleen Quinn, eleven years old actually suffered second and third-degree burns on her hands because of prolonged exposure to the recipe’s main ingredient. According to the family, Kathleen was making this slime on an almost daily basis. She suffered her injuries while at a friends house.

Kathleen’s mother Siobhan told WCVB that by the time she picked her up the next day Kathleen was crying and her hands were covered in blisters. The recipe they were following to make this slime included something called Borax, for those who are not aware borax is a white colorless crystal-like substance that dissolves in water quite easily. Over exposure to this can burn your skin.

While Kathleen is alive and well she did have to miss a whole week of school due to her injuries. When it comes to things like this we should always be aware of the possible injuries that come with them. Be sure to check and double check the ingredients and the effects they can have on you or your children. When it comes to making slime containing borax, don’t do it. You can do it one million times and see not issues, however, at some point, there will be an issue.

If you want to make borax-free slime please follow the directions in the video below. When to your children and their safety it is always better to be prepared. Enjoy!

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