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The Silent Tragedy Affecting Our Children

in Health July 29, 2017

With just over 20% of children, or 1 in every 5, suffering from a mental disorder at some point in their life, it is surprising that this statistic hasn’t taken the internet by storm. A silent epidemic impacting our children, mental health disorders are on the rise and it is our job to educate ourselves […]

8 Harmful Side Effects Of Baby Pacifiers

in Health June 26, 2017

Our children are our babies no matter how old they get. We try to slow down time as they are growing, but it only seems to make it go faster. We love our children so much it can be hard to explain. There is just nothing like that of the bond between mother and child, […]

What is Dry Drowning and How Can You Prevent It?

in Health June 14, 2017

Summertime is here, and you know what that means. It’s time for some fun in the sun, but you also have to be careful, especially when it comes to pool time. We all now the associated risk of swimming is drowning, of course. But that’s not the only risk swimming poses. Of course, you have […]

Science Says The First Born Child is The Most Intelligent

in Other April 8, 2017

Are you the oldest child or the middle child? Have you ever compared yourself to your siblings? Lots of people believe that the position we hold among our siblings comes with things like specific personality traits and things of the sort. However, research has proven that sometimes these frames do not fit the picture. I […]