This Is The Shocking Truth – What Smoking Does To Your Face (And Your Lungs)

by The Rebel Pharmacist

By now, everybody knows that smoking is terrible for your health. In addition to numerous diseases (Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity etc.) cigarettes are responsible for 90% of lung cancer deaths.

Despite the facts, 17 percent of Americans continue to smoke on a daily basis. My hope is that by seeing what actually happens to a smoker’s organs, they would rethink their next cigarette.

Here is a doctor discussing two sets of lungs; the one on the right is a healthy normal set of lungs, the one on the left belongs to a smoker.

The difference in lung capacity for a healthy set of lungs over an unhealthy set of smoker lungs is astounding! After seeing this, you will understand why smokers get winded from performing simple tasks.


Once you quit smoking, you will be surprised at all the things you have energy for! Not to mention the money that you will save. This man went 511 days without a cigarette, saved $3000 and lost 100 pounds!

“Everything works better really. I just feel healthier. It’s a world I haven’t seen in years.”

To learn more about how smoking affects not only your health but your outward appearance, check out the video below. These people got a rude awakening when they saw what 30 years of smoking could do to their appearance.

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