9 Alternative Uses for Vicks Vaporub

by Shelby

When it comes to over the counter medications Vicks Vaporub is a go to for a few different things. It functions in a unique way, unlike other nonprescription treatments.

Most medications these days come in pill form be it capsules, tablets, etc. However, with Vicks, we are able to treat things through vapors. This can be used for treating things like congestion and cough easily. Vicks can be used for a wide variety of other things as well. These are things most people aren’t aware of but they are quite interesting. Who knew a small jar of Vicks Vaporub could be so useful?

Alternative Uses For Vicks Vaporub

  1. Healing Bruises- By applying a thin layer of this along with salt to your bruises your body will react in a positive way. This will cause your body to circulate blood quicker and dissolve the bruising in a shorter amount of time.
  2. Ridding Yourself of Headaches- When dealing with a standard headache applying Vicks Vaporub to your temple will provide you with quick pain relief. For a sinus headache apply the rub under your nose.
  3. Keep Animals Away- If you’re having trouble keeping your pet off of a specific piece of furniture you may want to try dabbing some of this rub on it. This will keep them off easily.
  4. Stopping Muscle Aches– Massage Vicks over any muscles that are causing you pain then wrap them in a warm dry towel for an hour.
  5. Repel Bugs- Apply a small amount of Vicks to your clothing and skin, this will keep the bugs from being attracted to you.
  6. Relieve Itches- If you happen to get bitten by some sort of bug apply some Vicks to it, this will relieve your itching.
  7. Rejuvenate your Heels-  For dry cracked heels apply this to the ball of your foot as well as the heel then massage the damaged areas. Do this and sleep with socks on overnight, the next morning rinse the Vicks off and exfoliate.
  8. Soothe Earaches- This is something that goes hand in hand with ear infection most of the time. Put Vicks on a cotton ball and place it in your ear, this will relieve some of if not all of your pain.
  9. Rid Yourself Of Toenail Fungus- If you are dealing with an infected toenail then you should rub it with Vicks at least three times a day for as long as needed. This can take several weeks to completely get rid of the fungus.

Vicks Vaporub really does come in handy, this is especially great considering how easily attainable it is. If you aren’t already using Vicks for something give it a try! Please watch the video below for more information on this.

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