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Try This Natural Home Remedy and Cure Coughs, Bronchitis, and Laryngitis For Adults and Children!

in Health, Natural Cures February 19, 2017

Bronchitis is a respiratory disease that causes the lungs’ bronchial passages mucous membrane to become inflamed. When this happens, coughing spells and breathlessness follows. Inflammation of the vocal cords is known as Laryngitis and is very similar to bronchitis. These issues come from bacteria and viral infections. Using antibiotics to cure these issues can increase […]

9 Alternative Uses for Vicks Vaporub

in DIY, Home, Video February 11, 2017

When it comes to over the counter medications Vicks Vaporub is a go to for a few different things. It functions in a unique way, unlike other nonprescription treatments. Most medications these days come in pill form be it capsules, tablets, etc. However, with Vicks, we are able to treat things through vapors. This can […]

Cure The Cough With 3 Kitchen Ingredients

in DIY, Food January 4, 2017

Bronchitis and chronic cough can become a challenge even for prescription medicines. This natural remedy will have you feeling better in no time. Using some of the oldest and most amazing ingredients your throat and lungs can be soothed without prescription medication. You might want to take this even when you’re not sick because it […]