This Method Will Alleviate Your Pain and Swelling Instantly!

by Shelby

Are you a sufferer of constantly swelling and painful feet? Doctors will recommend pain killer after pain killer, but they only cause worse side effects. Try this natural method, and your swelling will go away, and your pain will be alleviated.

Swelling and painful feet can be caused by a number of things. It is usually caused by pregnancy, but also may be an effect of old age or increase of water retention in your body. Pharmaceutical medications are toxic and have terrible side effects! They hardly ever do any good and they are super expensive too. Instead of those try this natural remedy.

You might think this is going to be some long, thought out process of creating a remedy; it’s not. The process is simply a cabbage wrap. All you have to do is cool white or green leaves of cabbage in the freezer until they are chilled but still pliable. All you have to do is wrap them around your feet and sit with them elevated for 30 minutes. The cabbage draws out any extra fluid you might be retaining in your feet. This causes the swelling and the pain. Do this every time you’re hurting, and voila! No more pain.

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