Women With Larger Behinds Are Healthier and More Intelligent, Study Finds

by Shelby

Having a ‘donk’ might actually be better than we thought. Health wise this could be something fantastic.

It appears having a large rear end can boost your overall health. It has been linked with things like lowered risk of chronic disease and an increase in intelligence. If you’re going to have some pudge it is apparently better to have it below the waist.

This is according to researchers at the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital in the United Kingdom. Fat distribution is extremely important and having it accumulate below the waist rather than above can work to protect you from things like diabetes, heart disease, and several other issues linked with obesity.

These researchers have mentioned that when it comes to your body type and figuring out if you are on the right path physically, you should compare your body to a fruit. This meaning that if you are pear shaped then you’re most likely doing something right.

However, if you are shaped like an apple or a potato you need some improvement. Working on a healthier lifestyle might just do you some good. If you carry extra weight on your hips, butt, or thighs you do not deal with as many obesity related issues that those who carry extra weight on their belly do. It is all about the type of fat your body is storing belly fat and butt fat are completely different from one another.

There are several factors that come into play when our body decides where to put the fat it is storing. One of those factors being leptin levels. Leptin is extremely important when it comes to regulating your appetite. if you’re obese your body is no longer responding to this hormone. This forces a person to become what is called leptin resistant.

When it comes to maintaining a large backside your body will need a good amount of omega three fats. Omega three fats are proven to boost the function of a person’s brain. Thus meaning most women with bigger butts will have better cognitive abilities than others. Do not be ashamed of your derriere.

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