This is What Happens to Your Kidneys, Skin and Brain When You Put on Too Much Makeup

by Shelby

Makeup seems to be growing in popularity with each passing day. It is estimated that the market globally for beauty products will rise substantially throughout the next five years.

The beauty industry is taking over everything. If you take a look at YouTube you will notice tons and tons of people doing makeup tutorials and so forth. We are becoming a society filled with makeup junkies. Makeup has been used for many years now and of course, does its job at enhancing features we find attractive and hiding our ‘flaws.’ When we become psychologically dependent on makeup we have an issue.

Almost half of all women say that they feel unattractive without makeup. These people build their self-esteem based on what they look like with their makeup on. Makeup might enhance our appearance but is it okay for our physical health? Makeup products contain chemicals. Some chemicals that are not good for our health. Some chemicals can cause anything from dry skin to severe allergic reactions.

By applying these makeup products we are allowing these chemicals to penetrate deep into our skin. We are allowing them to seep into our pores. Realistically makeup has been a danger for quite some time now. One study published in the Journal of Archaeological Science found that the bones of Japanese children from the Edo period had high levels of toxic metals. Levels well over a dozen times higher than the safety threshold. This is said to have been because of the use white facial powder by breastfeeding mothers. The powders used in the Edo era were likely to have dangerous levels of mercury and lead.

Not all of the research found on makeup being dangerous is as old as that one, though. A more recent study released by the Breast Cancer Fund found that almost half of all children’s Halloween makeup products tested positive for banned harmful chemicals. Makeup can be bad for your skin. Makeup is known to clog pores and cause acne.

Sure makeup if fine sometimes but wearing it every single day is not good for your mental or physical health. You are beautiful just the way you are. Practicing makeup free days from time to time will reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. Try to be aware of the companies you buy from as well and if you’re feeling up to the task try making some ‘natural’ makeup at home. To learn how please watch the videos below.

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