MIT: Scientist: You Are Being Lied to About Eating Wheat

by Shelby

While some of us have been tricked into believing wheat is good for us. It is actually slowly poisoning us, this is because of the dangerous glyphosate used when growing it.

Monsanto’s Roundup has increased in use through the past 40 years or so. Researchers are finally beginning to believe that the use of glyphosate is the cause of a large amount of many modern diseases. Dr. Stephanie Seneff from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology glyphosate appears to be linked with the rise in gluten intolerance and even Celiac disease. Many people are aware that glyphosate is used on things like GMO corn, GMO soybeans and even GMO cotton crops but they are also used on non-GMO wheat crops. Wheat is the third most common crop to be sprayed with this deadly herbicide.

You would think it not being a GMO crop would be reason enough to not have to spray it with glyphosate, but it is being used before harvest for a couple different reasons. In doing this they are killing off the wheat before harvest so that they have less to clear. Exposing wheat to a toxic chemical like glyphosate causes the wheat to release more seeds as it dies. This gives farmers a higher yield. It appears glyphosate is one of the most common ingredients of our diets. This is causing serious health issues and something needs to be done. To hear what Dr. Seneff has to say about glyphosate please watch the video below.

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