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You Can Heal Yourself With Your Mind (For Real)

in Video March 24, 2017

Patients have managed to recover from illnesses considered incurable many times over. How exactly can this be explained? The Spontaneous Remission Project is a database of literally over three thousand five hundred case studies from medical literature. Among those, there are quite a few of incurable issues being cured without explanation. Lissa Rankin has blown […]

Tyson Foods Now Listed as Bigger Polluter than US Department of Defense, Koch Industries, and Exxon Mobile

in Environment December 25, 2016

Tyson Foods has quite the reputation for the animal abuse that transpires within its facilities that are used to provide chicken, eggs, and other products. However, the madness doesn’t stop there either, as they have now been deemed the worst corporate polluter on the planet. For years, Tyson’s atrocious practices have been revealed in numerous […]

New Study: Only Two Forests Worldwide Remain Intact

in Environment November 26, 2016

Thanks to a new study done by researchers from North Carolina State University it has been brought to light that there are only two untouched forests in the world today. Most forests across the world are so severely fragmented that they cannot be considered wilderness. Urban, suburban, and agricultural development is recklessly destroying large sections […]