Scientist Created A Crazy Tree That Grows 40 Different Fruits

by Shelby

Originally planned to be a multicolored blossom tree for an art project has turned into something entirely different. How intense is this?

Professor Sam Van Aken has developed a tree capable of growing 40 different types of stone fruits, for those of you who do not know what stone fruits are they are fruits with hard seeds in the middle. He was able to do this by cutting small branches with buds from different fruiting trees and affixing them all to branches of a juvenile tree at a point also cut off.

Each was easily attached with a strip of plastic and pressed together. Once the tree healed itself the branches were fused together giving the tree a new branch with different fruit. He did this for over a decade and was able to end up with his tree that now bears over 40 different kinds of fruit.

He is simply modifying the non-sex cells of the tree and so it will be able to be passed down as time goes by. He hopes to spread these trees all over the world if given the chance. Hybrid plants like this one are becoming increasingly popular for more on this please take the time to watch the videos below. The second one is a tomato/potato plant hybrid, both are sure to blow you away!

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