Angry Argentine Farmers Destroy ‘Poisonous’ Monsanto Facility

by The Rebel Pharmacist

The expansion of a Monsanto plant has some Argentine farmers in an uproar. The farmers have petitioned, marching, and talking to the government to force a stop on the expansion. Luckily, the government made a decision in their favor.

Monsanto is a multi-million dollar genetically modified seed plant. The farmers have been working for three years to persuade the government to disallow the expansion. The expansion project was designed to treat 3.5 million hectares of maize, but only 2.5 million hectares were actually sown, leading the biotech giant to pull out of the project. The activists courageously invaded the expansion site and created a blockade, refusing the vacate.

The company tried to gain the favor of the people by saying, “will be proud to have one of the most important seed-producing plants in the world. More than one thousand employees of Monsanto Argentina are proud and thankful to be a part of the community of Malvinas, Argentina.

The farmers were ordered by the court to vacate the property, but instead, they called in reinforcements to strengthen the “blockade.”

There is one prevailing reason the residents of the town oppose the expansion. Because of the previous production of harmful products, like Agent Orange, The people of Argentina are very involved in the protection of their environment. Companies like Monsanto pose serious threats to the land around their plants.

After three years of dedication by many citizens, the Biotech giant pulled out of the deal, and the residents of the community Malvinas, Argentina are beyond relieved.

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