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9 Months Of Pregnancy In 4 Minutes!

in Video June 11, 2017

The genesis of life is truly amazing. The human pregnancy is astonishing, and these days we have the technology to see it firsthand. Man or woman, pregnancy is a topic that can intrigue everyone. Where we all came from is a complex and interesting process, and always has been. Up until now, we never had […]

Science Finally Proves Meridians Exist

in Spirituality June 8, 2017

The human body is full of energetic points called meridians which are vital for your spiritual flow of energy. While it has been practiced and studied for thousands of years, science has just now proven they exist. Today we are confident that we have everything about human anatomy figured out. While we do have extravagant […]

Genius! How to Make Fire from Ice

in DIY January 6, 2017

Who knew you could virtually bend the elements? Just about anyone can! Here is how you make fire from ice! The video below explains how to make fire from ice. The process includes ice and black powder! This is an excellent method of survival in the wilderness. All outdoorsman should know this. When water molecules […]