Shocking: The Effects Of Negative Thoughts And Emotions On Your Body

by Shelby

Emotional pain can have several different effects on you, but did you know that it can make you feel physical pain? It can. Modern medicine has always ignored the connection between mind, body and spirit. Recently, though, the effects of emotional pain have been proven to affect you physically.

Emotional pain can make your head hurt; stress has a lot to do with this one. Relieving stress can almost always help at least ease the pain of your headache. Neck pain has also been strongly related to emotional pain. Pain in your neck often is known as a spiritual sign that you need to forgive. To help with this, consider the things you love about people.

Pain in your shoulders can be a sign that you’re carrying an emotional burden, often referred to as “shouldering”. It can help to unload this burden by telling someone you love about it. It is also a helpful approach to try and solve the emotional issue.

Pain in your back has some direct correlation to your emotional support. Pain in the upper back can commonly mean that one does not feel appreciated or loved. If one is in a relationship it can be helpful to have a discussion of feelings with your significant other. If single, it may be time to branch out. Lower back can signify one’s financial stress. Try to sit down and make a personal budget. Being able to manage your finances can be critical to one’s health.

Pain in your elbows can mean a lack of flexibility in your life. It can be a sign that you have a resistance to change in life. If you have stiff arms, you may have a stiff life. Change things up a little bit! A lack of friends can make your hands hurt. It could be an indicator that either you aren’t reaching out to other people appropriately, or they aren’t reaching out to you. Discuss this issue with your friends and try and make a deeper emotional connection with them.

The fear of change can make your hips hurt. If you’re waiting to make an important decision it is likely that your hips have been hurting. Make the change that is needed and move on from it. You will feel much relief. Knee pain can mean that your ego is a little over-sized. You may think a little too highly of yourself if you have ongoing knee pain.

It is really fascinating that the universe can let us know ways to solve our emotional pain through physical pain. Take a deep breathe and try to figure out the root of your emotional pain and you may also solve your physical pain.


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