9 Months Of Pregnancy In 4 Minutes!

by Shelby

The genesis of life is truly amazing. The human pregnancy is astonishing, and these days we have the technology to see it firsthand.

Man or woman, pregnancy is a topic that can intrigue everyone. Where we all came from is a complex and interesting process, and always has been. Up until now, we never had the tools and technology to understand and see what is happening inside the female uterus when a baby is being formed. It’s so fortunate that we live in a time where we are able to witness such an amazing process in such detail.

This video will show you the entire 9-month process of fetal growth – starting from fertilization and ending at birth, it shows you the whole shebang in just 4 minutes! The video below offers three-dimensional visualization of fetal development! Let us know what you think!

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