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Popular Drugs Linked To Dementia Even At Low Dosage

in Health July 22, 2017

As a population, we have learned to trust the availability of prescription and over the counter medications for a number of basic ailments, such as allergy, cough and cold medications. A new study out of the University of Washington raises some concerns about many of these popular medications! Acetylcholine and Mental Function Acetylcholine is a […]

Dementia Now Striking People in Their 40s As Mercury From Vaccines Causes Slow, Degenerative Brain Damage

in Health, Other, Video June 4, 2017

Researchers have found that the victims of neurological brain conditions like Dementia are getting younger. This is definitely cause for alarm. This information comes to us from a study published in the Surgical Neurology Internation Journal and it states that these levels are literally almost epidemic. It is thought to be related back to environmental […]