Stick Man Drawing Moves Around When Splashed with Water

by Shelby

This is quite a fascinating video, a stick drawing moving around? Just how does this work?

At first, you might think this is done with some sort of camera work or animation skills but it very well may not have been. Lots of people have come to the conclusion that it must just be some sort of dry erase marker or whiteboard marker (rather than a pen.) Because these things are insoluble to water if done correctly when pouring water on the ink one should be able to lift the ink without smearing it giving us the ability to move it around, right?

Wrong, while that would sound reasonable and very well may be enough to get your hopes up for an at home attempt it does not work. Several people have tried this method, for most, it has not worked, however, I was able to find one person on YouTube that saw success click here to see their video. It appears to be something with a bit of a ‘trick’ behind it and is obviously much harder than it looks. I will be spending some time on this one myself. Regardless, this video is splendid! To see for yourself this interesting little movable doodle please watch the video below.

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