Plant These 8 Foods Just Once – Harvest for Years to Come!

by Shelby

Sure most of the time we have to redo our gardens year after year, but sometimes there are plants that we just cannot get rid of. There are quite a few plants that you can actually plant one time and never have to fool with again.

These plants are especially valuable because of how strong they are. They are capable of withstanding tough climates and lighten your annual workload. These hardworking plants are a must have when it comes to gardening.


This is a plant that is red and has green stalks. They are tart tasting and make great additions to pies, jams and things of the sort. they grow quickly and are actually hard plants to get rid of.


Onions are something most people love and they don’t really take much effort to grow. There are two types of onions the most common being multiplier onions. these are onions that form clusters of little onion bulbs during the summer time and after awhile can become a permanent part of your garden.


These are often a family favorite and can be considered a homestead crop. You can plant these in a corner of your garden and then enjoy them as they grow. While it usually takes awhile for mushroom beds to get started but once you get one going there is no stopping it.


I personally do not like horseradish but growing up it was a part of my grandparents garden every single year. It’s hot and spicy flavor gave them just what they were looking for when it came to making a meal better. This plant is so invasive that it is best to plant it in an isolated area or container as to keep it from taking over.

Jerusalem Artichokes

These are usually better on the edge of the garden as well. They are a member of the sunflower family and tend to blood in the late summer. They are crunchy and sweet. I love adding them to my salads.


These are actually quite useful to have. They can be planted in pots or however you’d like honestly. They are great when added to things like soups, cottage cheese, and even mashed potatoes.


This is without a doubt the most common of these. It is generally planted along the edge of a person’s garden and grows with ease. It does usually take a few years before you begin seeing a good crop come off of your plants but once they start you will be set for years to come.

Curly Dock

This plant is highly aggressive and will take over quickly. It spreads its seeds by self-pollination and grows very large. It can sometimes even block sunlight to other plants in the area. This meaning it will need to be planted in the right place. It is delicious and can be boiled and added to cream cheese.

If you’re wondering what you should add to your garden this year these things should make their way to the top of your list. Who wouldn’t wanna cut their workload back and enjoy fresh deliciousness with ease? These plants are amazing!

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