Lotus Birth, The New Trend in Natural Child Birth

by Shelby

Sure sometimes as moms, we do some strange things for good reasons. Is this one of those cases?

A mother of two from the United Kingdom named Adele Allen decided to do something extremely strange granted according to DailyMail they do a lot of strange things. She opted for natural childbirth with both of her children and decided to leave the babies attached to the placentas. She did not cut the umbilical cord and left it until it fell off naturally. This was something that took six whole days with her second child.

In order to control the odor of the placenta, she sprinkles it with rock salt and rose petals. By keeping the placenta attached she says it allows the mother and the child to remain attached for awhile even after the baby was born. This method is being called the lotus birth and is something that is supposed to increase the bond between mother and child as well as keeping the baby nourished by the nutrients inside for longer.

According to the television show The Doctors this method is a myth and that once the umbilical cord hits room temperature air it clamps up and stops blood flow to the baby. They warn this method is not healthy and is leaving the dead remains of the placenta attached to your child. They say that this increases infection risks. While this may be, Adele’s children are happy and healthy. Doctors recommend not leaving the cord on for more than one whole minute.

Would you leave your placenta attached to the child or have it cut? Do you think there is any chance of getting nutrients after the cord has hit air or is this just a waste of time? While this mother feels she did the right thing, could it have been the wrong thing? For a little more information on this family and their eccentric lives lease take the time to watch the video below.

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