This Fruit Will Cure Insomnia and Boost Brain Function in Minutes

by Shelby

There are tons of amazing beneficial fruits and veggies out in the world that we have never even heard of. I find a new one just about every single day.

Have you ever heard of quenepa? It is more commonly known as the Spanish lime and it can do great things for your brain. This amazing fruit originated in the northern parts of South America but is also found in the coasts and dry forests of Central America as well as the Caribbean. It is something unlike any other fruit as it is sweet and sour.

People tend to put salt on it when eating it as to enhance the flavor. It is what seems to be a mixture of lychee and lime, firm and still delicate. It is abundant in things like vitamin C, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, protein, calcium, and thiamine. It can be used as a remedy for high cholesterol issues and chronic constipation. This fruit is the bee’s knees and will boost your immune system all the while preventing urinary tract stones.

You can use this fruit to eliminate parasites from your body, treat kidney issues, prevent lung infections, heal gum infections, and treat insomnia. If you are dealing with any of these things I suggest going out and getting some Spanish limes today. While this fruit is a bit exotic it is overflowing with nutrients that will benefit you in more ways than anything else!

For more information on this amazing fruit and how to eat it please take the time to watch the videos below. This is actually one of my favorite fruits. Try adding it into your life, enjoy!

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