LEAKED Footage: Here’s What Monstrous Things They Do For The Sake Of The Meat Industry (Video)

by Shelby

Animal Equality investigators have gone into hatcheries undercover in order to show the people just how real the torture these animals go through truly is. These are the things the industry does not want you to see.

Hatcheries are places that the chickens we eat are born. These chickens are mass produced thousands upon thousands at a time. These animals are shown no compassion and are forced to spend their lives in a nightmare from their very first day in this world. This video has been viewed well over thirty million times and still, that is not enough.

Part of the footage you will see below was filmed in secret by the Association for the Protection of Animals: Animal Equality. Please watch the whole video, it is short but looking away only leaves you uninformed on these terrible things. In order to get something done information like this must be spread.

These animals are not parts, they are not toys, they are living creatures. Creatures that feel pain and have the ability to love. Why are we allowing these companies to force them to live their lives out in a nightmare! Their short time in this world should be better than this! They deserve better than this!

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