How to Clear Seriously Blocked Sinuses Naturally in Under A Minute

by Shelby

It’s that time of the year again, and you’re probably wondering how to get rid of a sore throat. What if I told you there was away to clear blocked sinuses in just under a minute of your time?

Clogged sinuses are no fun! You can get clogged sinuses in a number of ways. Most people get it from allergies, but, you can experience congestion from spicy food, air particles smoking or dust. A clogged sinus is actually caused by inflammation of blood vessels in the nasal passage. The irritated vessels are what is triggered by dust or allergens, etc.

Thankfully, there is a way to clear your sinuses without having to take any medication. The relief of having your sinuses cleared is extraordinary. Follow these steps and watch the video below, and you can guarantee results.

1. While sitting with your head and body at about a 45-degree angle, turn your head sideways and rub your sternocleidomastoid muscle downwards 4 or 5 times. You can find the muscle right beneath your ear running down your neck to your collarbone. Do this on both sides of your neck to help relax your neck.

2. Take your index fingers, locate the hard bony part of the upper sides of your nose, and move downwards towards the soft part on the side of your nose where the bone ends. Begin massaging this area in a circular motion with as much pressure as you can for about 20 seconds. Once completed, rub the muscles from the side of your nose.

3. Take your index fingers and run them under the inside orbital bone above your eyes until you find a notch in the bone called the supraorbital notch. It is usually just above the center of the eye. Massage that notch in a circular motion with as much pressure as you can handle for about 20 seconds. Once done, massage your forward with both hands starting in the center of your forehead and pulling outwards towards your temples.down and towards your cheekbones to relax them.

Having clogged sinuses is not only uncomfortable and annoying, but it can be painful. It also can make you have bad breath. You can prevent clogged sinuses by quitting smoking, eat a well-balanced diet, or get regular exercise. A machine doctors recommend is a humidifier. A humidifier is used to dampen the air in a dry room. Warm or hot showers help in the same way.

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