How to Grow Buckets Full of Blueberries at Home

by Shelby

Blueberries are packed with nutrients and can offer us a large amount of health benefits. Do you eat blueberries often enough?

One study done back in 2012 actually showed that eating just one single serving of blueberries a week can work to slow down cognitive decline. This meaning that eating blueberries once a week will help improve brain function as well as memory loss. Just one year later another study showed that berries were able to clear toxic proteins that had accumulated in the brains of lab mice.

While fresh blueberries are expensive and sometimes hard to find depending on the season you can grow your own. It is actually not hard at all and they make a great addition to your kitchen. If you think adding a blueberry bush to your home plants is something you’d be interested in learning how to grow one below.

How to Grow Your Own Blueberry Bush

  • Choose a good place to plant your bush and prepare the soil. Blueberry bushes need lots of sun and water. You will need to choose an area that gets a lot of sun and has excellent drainage. The space should be about two and a half feet in diameter and a foot deep for each bush. Mix some pre-moistened peat in with your soil.
  • Make sure you’re giving the bushes enough space. 
  • Plant them in the spring or fall, these are the best seasons for them to be able to thrive properly.
  • Use about a half an inch more planting soil than topsoil. Be sure to pack the soil around the root and then add in the rest of your soil.
  • Make sure you start your bush off with plenty of water. Water it well and often.
  • Use Sawdust, rind mulch, acid tripe, or grass clippings as mulching material for your blueberries. These bushes have shallow roots so it is important for them to pull nutrients from elsewhere.
  • Clip off any flowers or dead shoots. Pruning regulaily will keep your plant strong and healthy.

These simple things will have your blueberry bush looking great and producing berries quickly. You will be able to have fresh blueberries in your home whenever you’d like. To learn more on growing blueberries please watch the video below.

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