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White Vinegar Is A Gardener’s Best Friend. Here Are 11 Clever Uses in The Garden

in DIY, Environment, Food, Health, Natural Cures May 15, 2017

The desire to move away from toxic pesticide, fungicides, herbicides and artificial fertilizer is gaining popularity as health awareness is on the rise. Growing your own food organically is the alternative, but the tricky pest problem remains, fortunately, vinegar is a great alternative to these artificial toxins! Vinegar can simultaneously enhance the life of a plant and […]

Seed Bomber Can Plant 900,000 Trees A Day

in Video January 27, 2017

We may finally be reusing old airplanes for a good reason! This is so amazing! After making a few changes to these old airplanes they are now able to drop seeds instead of landmines. This is thanks to Lockheed Martin and Aerial Reforestation Inc. They have anticipated that we will be able to plant at […]

How to Grow Buckets Full of Blueberries at Home

in DIY January 8, 2017

Blueberries are packed with nutrients and can offer us a large amount of health benefits. Do you eat blueberries often enough? One study done back in 2012 actually showed that eating just one single serving of blueberries a week can work to slow down cognitive decline. This meaning that eating blueberries once a week will help […]