These 10 Men Have Transformed Their Bodies After the Age of 50 and Prove Age is Just A Number

by Shelby

Some people just assume that senescence comes right after the age of 50. However, these men proved that age is just a number. They transformed their bodies!

Although we can not evade the aging process, it does not mean that we can’t reverse some of the side effects! Aging happens to everyone, but these few men have shown us that defying age is possible! If you eat healthily and stay active you can remain healthy all throughout life. They don’t call them the golden years for nothing! Check out these men who completely transformed their bodies. They are active, flexible, and in touch with the modern times!

Philippe Dumas Age, 60

This gentleman went after the world of modeling. The Parisian-born man says that “My career as a senior model is young, but it starts well. I have great expectations”. He first gained his fame through Instagram and Reddit. His story is incredible!


Anthony Varrecchia, Age 53

Anthony Verrecchia can certainly tell you it takes a lot of hard work and a healthy lifestyle to look as good as he does at 53. He works out regularly, maintains a healthy diet, and focuses on a positive emotional state as well. He lives in New York!


Gianluca Vacchi, Age 50

Not only does he look good, but he is also an amazing dancer! The business man certainly knows how to feel a beat! Watch him dance here.


Aiden Brady, Age 50

Aiden Brady recently was introduced into the fashion world. He has a lot of Instagram followers and they are continually growing. He has also starred in a movie too.


Eric Rutherford, Age 49

This gorgeous fellow is not only a model but also an events organizer in New York AND an editor for At Large magazine. This man has definitely defied age, as you would think he was in his 30’s.


Alessandro Manfredini, Age 48

Snow white hair and dark eyes, it is not an understatement to say he is intimidating. He has tons of model contracts and photo shoots! Just checkout that beard. You know he is wise.


Deshun Wang, Age 80

After taking part in China’s fashion week, Deshaun definitely made his modeling debut known! He has been named the hottest grandfather in China! From movie star to the cat-walk king, Deshaun certainly knows how to win at life.

Irvin Randle, Age 54

Not many people would assume that this man is a grandfather. His beard is fantastic and he is an incredible fashionista.


Ron Jack Foley, Age 50

This man should certainly be the face of Toronto. He is a family man, and his beard is amazing. It certainly takes 50 shades of gray to the next level.


Shan Michael Hefley, Age 54

Shan is an excellent motivation for anybody who wants to get in shape. This 54-year-old man vowed to eat healthily and work out. He kept his vow, and it certainly worked out for him.


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