Cancer Institute Admits Marijuana Destroys Cancer Cells (Watch)

by Awareness Act

The modern day world is being fed cancer causing materials in every direction we turn. We are in desperate need of a cancer cure, but we might already have one. It’s just illegal…

Marijuana is one of the most controversial topics in the United States lately. While it’s true benefits are being recognized more and more recently, people still truly do not understand the dangers of the social stigma placed on marijuana. Marijuana, or medical grade cannabis, has so many benefits to the human body! While there has never been an overdose on marijuana, it is still classified as a schedule one drug, saying that it is of no medicinal benefits and is as dangerous and addictive as Meth or Heroin. Come on now people, we know that isn’t true. Many people with severe disorders have had their life changed by marijuana.

Marijuana is especially beneficial when it comes to fighting cancer. There are many different studies that have shown positive results in these tests. When cannabis is injected into the cancer cell, it causes the cancer cell to go into a state of apoptosis. Apoptosis is the process in which cells eliminate themselves, basically committing suicide one at a time. Just watch it for yourself in the videos below!

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