Boy Shaves Head for Cancer Awareness, Parents Rush Him to ER. That’s When Doctors Find it!

by Shelby

Cancer is something that affects almost every single person in the United States, whether it is firsthand or watching a loved one suffer. Chances are you may even have cancer yourself and not even know it.

It is one of the biggest issues in our world today. Lots of people are eager to help others in any way they can when it comes to cancer. People donate money and many shave their heads in awareness. Benicio ‘Benny’ Martinez just a young boy is one of those generous people.

Benny is in seventh grade and still very young but that did not stop him from helping those who suffer from cancer. He shaved his head as a means to raise money at school for those suffering. Just one week later on vacation with his family, something terrible began happening.

Benny began having terrible headaches and was quite nauseous, to say the least. He and his family went to the emergency room and a CT scan was done of his head in order to find out what the issue was. The results showed that Benny had a tumor in the back of his head. This was something that required surgery and took seven whole hours. When Benny woke from surgery he could not swallow, talk, or even walk.

These symptoms are something known as Posterior Fossa Syndrome and it is actually quite common in children who have brain surgery. While this is enough to make a family feel awful the bad news did not stop there. When the pathology results came back they found that this was a medulloblastoma which is the most common type of brain cancer in children. Benny had a cancerous malignant tumor that most likely had already spread to other areas of his body.

Benny now has the support of all of those he had helped along the way, his community, and family. They are all standing by his side as he goes through therapy and his speech has actually begun returning quite well. He hopes to return to school soon and still refuses to prioritize himself. He still wants to use this as a means to help others. He is a part of a fundraiser that will be held on April first and all the proceeds will be donated to St. Baldrick’s for childhood cancer research. You can donate to St. Baldrick’s in Benny’s honor if you’d like by clicking here.

Benny is a fighter his strong will is a truly amazing trait. He says that he still wants to do what he can to help other kids going through the same thing and he wants to walk again so that he can let them know that it is possible. Once he is done with his treatments and is able to grow his hair back he says he will most likely shave it off again.

Benny says losing your hair is worth it to help a cure. For more of what Benny has to say please take the time to watch the video below. Donate if you can, this young man is ready for a cure!

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