Use This Trick to Eliminate Negative Energies in Your House

by Shelby

Homes and workplaces can start to withhold negative energies and even entities over long periods of times. Whether you define these as bad vibes or spirits, either way, they do exist; and doing this simple method will get rid of the negative energies in your home!

Negative energies in your home can be recognized in many different ways. Whether you have felt like you are being watched over by something, had some unusual things happen at random, or just feel bad vibes, there is a way to get rid of them – and no, you don’t have to run through the hallways burning sage and reciting chants. This method is easy, simple, and inexpensive.

The ingredients in this remedy have been used for thousands of years for not only physical cleaning but also spiritual cleaning. While this isn’t the only way to remove negative energies and spirits from your home, it is extremely popular and has proven to be effective! In many eastern traditions, salt was used to drive out negative spirits. Additionally, you can see that white vinegar was a common tool used in ancient neopagan traditions. Both salt and vinegar are scientifically proven to release negative ions into the immediate air which causes the air to be purified. So even if you are skeptical of the energies you can’t see, you at least know that it purifies your air!

The remedy:

  • 1 ½ cup of water
  • ½ cup of white vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons of sea salt

Combine the ingredients in a glass jar or transparent drinking glass. Place the mixture in your high-traffic areas of your home. It is best to place it somewhere it will not be seen. Take notice to the changing water levels and the haziness of the water. It absorbs the negative energies quickly! Leave it there overnight and if you still feel no difference, clean the glass and remake the concoction.

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