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Pepsi Admits its Soda Contains Cancer-Causing Ingredients

in Health February 7, 2017

Modern day soda companies are notorious for using toxic ingredients. Coca-cola being the worst, but Pepsi has recently admitted to using cancer causing chemicals! Recently Coca-Cola spent over $11 million dollars funding anti-GMO labeling. Not only do they use GMOs, but they also use carcinogenic ingredients. Pepsi actually admitted it! These are two of the […]

Repair Kidneys Naturally And With 1 Ingredient!

in Health February 7, 2017

The kidneys are crucial to your health. Take this ingredient once a day, and you will transform the function of your kidneys! The kidneys perform vital functions for the body. They filter your blood of toxins and turn them into Urine. Without them, our blood would be full of toxins and we wouldn’t last long. […]

How To Train Your Brain To Stop Worrying

in Natural Cures February 4, 2017

Where are my worry warts at? Yes, I know you’re there because I’m one myself. Worrying all the time is bad for your health, and serves no purpose! However, sometimes it can be difficult to stop worrying, but there is actually a trick to retrain your brain to stop worrying! Worrying is terrible for your […]