Pepsi Admits its Soda Contains Cancer-Causing Ingredients

by Shelby

Modern day soda companies are notorious for using toxic ingredients. Coca-cola being the worst, but Pepsi has recently admitted to using cancer causing chemicals!

Recently Coca-Cola spent over $11 million dollars funding anti-GMO labeling. Not only do they use GMOs, but they also use carcinogenic ingredients. Pepsi actually admitted it! These are two of the biggest companies in the world, and they have betrayed the public with their negligence and corporate greed.

That’s right, Pepsi has finally admitted it. After the epidemic of aspartame, they have successfully covered up the truth. Until now. The center for Environmental Health released test results showing that Pepsi had intentionally covered up the presence of high-level 4-mel, a known carcinogen. 4-Mel is short for Methylimidazole. It is a compound formed during the manufacturing of caramel colors. In this case, the dark brown color of Pepsi and Coca-cola products.

Pepsi has fought against complying with the state of California’s health regulations for some time now. The state of California is requiring Pepsi to place a cancer warning label on their products, but they have simply refused. Thus ending in a court hearing. There is a class action lawsuit against Pepsi from a federal California judge. Included in the settlement is the limitation of caramel colors or 4-mels.

The company must not exceed 100 parts per billion liters. The soft drink company has agreed to these measures, but you can never be sure. I wouldn’t recommend trusting a brand that ever used cancer causing ingredients from the beginning. It also makes you wonder what else they’re hiding.

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