What Her Sleeping Position Reveals About Her Personality

by Shelby

Sleep is something we literally cannot live without, it is something our bodies need to do in order to function properly. However, sleep is something that could be considered quite mysterious depending on how you look at it.

Did you know that a person’s sleeping position could tell you a lot about them? I find this to be quite fascinating and every person I have assessed through this showed this to be true. Does the way you sleep really reveal what kind of person you are? Well, first think about how you sleep and read below.


This position could be carried out in a few different ways either on your stomach with your hands tucked under your pillow, on your back with your hands behind your head and under the pillow, or on your side embracing your pillow. A woman who sleeps in this manner is most likely very welcoming and compassionate in life and in love. If you take the time to look into body language you will notice this matches up quite well.


If you lay flat on your back with your hands to your sides or flat on your stomach with your hands to your sides you are sleeping in the proper manner. This position is often taken by people who are much vainer than most and these people seem to have a higher expectation of sleep. These people are not as trusting as the others on this list.

Heavy Snoring

Snoring is something that can be extremely annoying and those who do it often are not even aware that they are doing it. Now usually there is an underlying issue when someone is a nightly snorer and they will need to see a doctor to find out why they are snoring and to resolve the issue. You see, people who snore are not getting the best sleep possible at all, they are most likely to wake up still feeling restless. These people are usually easy to frustrate and are often overly stressed and easily irritated.


People who sleep on their side indicate that they have a giving personality, this meaning they are often taken advantage of. These people sleeping on their sides are signifying that they are putting the burden of their everyday lives behind the and regaining the strength they need to carry on through their dreams.


Whether they feel the need to cuddle a pillow, blanket, or person these people need something to embrace if they want to get a good night’s rest. They are often people with a warm personality. They are trustworthy and do not judge others.

Fetal Position

Sleeping in the fetal position (on your side with you legs inward and arms downward) is a sign that you are dealing with a fear of some sort. You are likely insecure about life or your future in general. You are someone who tends to stress more than most and it takes a huge toll on your mind.

You should always consider how you sleep before assessing yourself as a person. Sleep really does reveal a lot more than we might think. If you tend to bottle things up through the day the way you sleep will not leave them hidden.

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