Study Suggests That Men Need to Get Drunk With Their Friends Twice A Week to Stay Healthy

by Shelby

Could going out for a few drinks actually be good for you? According to this study, it is!

This study comes from the University of Oxford and has shown that for men going out is essential. One in three men can’t find the time to meet with their friends at least once a week so it makes doing this a bit hard. However, if you can find the time you have tons of benefits to reap. Robin Dunbar lead researcher on this study says that he found men who were able to meet with their buddies at least twice a week in a bar were less likely to suffer from depression and were able to recover from illnesses quicker than people who were unable to meet with friends.

These health benefits come from strong bonds men can make with one another ‘bromance.’ These bonds are able to increase their happiness and decrease their stress levels. As you may know, both of those things are defining factors when it comes to mental health. The study also covered online interactions with one another and noted that it did not have the same effects. Face to face interaction is what these men need.

This study was carried out via a questionnaire, researchers also noted that people who spent time at local bars were socializing in small groups. This is a good thing because it allowed the people in the group to become closer. Everyone gets to be a part of the conversation and it is a more personal experience. The people who partook in this study and went out drinking regularly were affected in a positive way, they even engaged more with the local community as a whole.

If you haven’t spent much time with the ‘bros’ lately now is the time. You should make hanging out a weekly thing even if it is only for a few hours. Having friends and local bars allow men a community setting in which they can let go of the issues they deal with in their daily lives. The Alcohol being ingested during this time plays a role in itself, it triggers the endorphin system of these men and allows them to make a better social bond.

Don’t let people fool you, social drinking can be a great thing as long as you don’t overdo it. Go on, get out there and have a beer or three! For more information on the benefits of going out to drink with the bros twice a week please take the time to watch the video below.

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