Top 10 Vaccines You NEVER Need And Exactly Why The CDC Has To Scare Everybody Into Getting Them

by Shelby

Our country is overrun with people and businesses looking to make money off the misfortune of others these companies should not exist and these people should spend serious time behind bars!

Of course, we all know that seems like a long shot. In America, we are so closed off that most of us aren’t aware of the natural foods, herbs, minerals, etc that can be used to cure diseases and we rely solely on medicine created by people who don’t really care about us and oftentimes want us to stay sick.

Everything we see on television and in ads exaggerates the diseases to the extreme, making everyone believe that the worst case scenario is going to happen to them. Ads that depict the worst possible things that could happen and multiply it ten fold with photos of children who lost limbs from polio and even covered with smallpox from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet and even ads with young girls being injected with a toxic jab for a STD!

These girls are being forced by parents who have been brainwashed by ads and the medical industry into getting the HPV vaccine and it is causing many of them to go into anaphylactic shock! This sick cycle needs to stop, people should not be dying from side effects and forced into thinking that vaccines are the only answer to their problems.

The mass media has helped the CDC spread word of these imaginary diseases for far too long. The media lies just to get everyone rushing into the nearest doctors office. These pandemics are not real. The needles we are being stuck with are loaded down with MSG, mercury, aluminum, genetically engineered organisms, bacteria, and live viruses! The live viruses are being injected into us and the CDC doesn’t even have a cure for them! How is this good for us? How is this making us better? This is only a way to keep us sick.

Just because the CDC and the FDA approve something doesn’t make it okay for us to use. Some people who go in for vaccines actually become more susceptible to the disease they’re trying to avoid as is!

These 10 vaccines are something you will NEVER need and they will not protect you from anything

1. Chicken Pox Vaccine (Varicella)

2. Measles Vaccine (MMR)

3. Zika Virus Vaccine

4. Influenza Vaccine (Flu Shot)

5. Swine Flu Vaccine (H1N1)

6. Bird Flu Vaccine (H5N1-Avian)

7. Polio Vaccine

8. Anthrax Vaccine

9. HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

10. Whooping Cough Vaccine

You see, the real reason why babies and children have much weaker immune systems than adults is because they receive over 50 toxic vaccines before they reach seven years of age. This is recommended by the CDC and even enforced so severely that it has come to holding people at gun point in states like California for example. Chicken pox is something that only lasts a few days and then most children become immune to it.

Measles can cause a severe cough and a rash. These are nothing to be overly alarmed about. If one’s normal human body was not beaten down by these vaccine toxins we could fight off infections with ease.

We have no reason to be afraid of these things, what we should fear is the vaccine industry and what they are doing to us. We need to take the time to build up our immune systems with organic foods and holistic medicines there is no need to listen to the lies we are being fed by the CDC!

CDC Scare tactic Ad:

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