How To Make Your Own Organic Garden Insect Spray

by Shelby

Sometimes store bought garden sprays or pesticides just don’t seem to do any good. They either don’t work or they wind up killing your garden instead, this homemade spray will keep the bugs away and have your garden looking great.


The recipe below will have your garden flourishing in no time

Things Needed:

  • 4 whole heads of garlic (separated and peeled.)
  • 6 mint leaves and stems
  • 4 teaspoons dry cayenne pepper
  • 4 small squirts of eco-friendly dish-washing liquid


  • Pulse or blend the garlic up with the mint for about ten seconds.
  • put this mixture into a pot of about 15 cups of water and add the cayenne
  • bring this mixture to a boil
  • remove from heat and let it sit overnight
  • strain the mixture and fill as many spray bottles with the remaining water as possible.
  • add in the dish soap to each container and shake.

Be sure to shake the mixture before each use. Try it out a few times and wait to see your results before continuing use as you may only need to apply this mixture a time or two. Your garden will be bug free and healthy in no time!

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