This Video Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A F*ck

by Shelby

This video is for the women out there who do not care what other people think, who are self empowered and don’t need anybody else’s approval.

Janne Robinson is a non-fiction poet, mentor, motivational speaker, director and trusted voice of female empowerment. She has been a top writer for Elephant Journal, since 2013. Her most popular poem has been read over 1.8 million times.

Robinson wrote a poem on female empowerment; in the poem, Robinson is encouraging women to take back their narratives. She originally wrote the poem entitled, “This is For The Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck” back in 2014. It is a powerful reminder that women can do whatever they set their mind to, and that women are no weaker than a man.

Recently the poem transformed into a spoken word performance video, and has gone viral ever since. The video features 18 different young women reciting the poem in a different scene. The video also includes Robinson herself. Janne has a daily following of over one hundred thousand readers who find her work refreshing and inspiring. The video alone has over 370,000 views!

Robinson spoke with The Huffington Post about why she wrote the poem. “The words that poured out into this poem, now video, are about all the women in my life who empower and inspire me,” she said. “It is not written about one woman — it is written about many.” Towards the end of the post, Janne says, “this is the kind of women I want around me.” Check out the poem and let us know what you think!

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