Strengthen Your Core with this 28-Day Planking Challenge (in Just a Few Minutes a Day)

by Shelby

Core strength refers to the strength of your back muscles, glutes and your muscles in your abdomen. Core strength isn’t just having a flat tummy either; it is crucial for supporting the spine and maintaining balance.

Building core strength can help you prevent injuries and it protects your inner organs and central nervous system.

If you suffer from back pain, building core strength can be a key to your exit from it. When our abdominals are weak it is usually because our back muscles are too strong and they do not balance each other out. Building core strength will give you a strong and confident posture too! If you do this challenge there is no doubt that you will feel incredible, and it isn’t too hard or time-consuming either.

Studies show that doing planks helps build core strength much better than the regular sit-ups or push-ups. While sit-ups and push-ups can put unnecessary strain on your spine, planks can help build a better posture. Beginners usually think that planks are too easy, and end up skipping them. Try this 28-day challenge and see the results yourself!

During this exercise, you will need to gradually increase the time you are holding your body in the plank position. At the beginning, you’ll be holding it for 20 seconds, and by the end, it will be 4 minutes.

As soon as you hold the plank position, just start breathing deeply and hold the position. Breathe deep with the muscles of the stomach, neck, and head. To achieve proper results, you’ll need to maintain an upright position. When you raise the toes and elbows, your upper body should be in a straight line. You can maintain a balance by splitting the weight into your elbows and legs while pushing up the muscles from the buttocks.

  • DAY 1-20 SECONDS
  • DAY 2-20 SECONDS
  • DAY 3- 30 SECONDS
  • DAY 4- 30 SECONDS
  • DAY 5-40 SECONDS
  • DAY 6-REST
  • DAY 7-45 SECONDS
  • DAY 8-45 SECONDS
  • DAY 9 60 SECONDS
  • DAY 10-60 SECONDS
  • DAY 11-60 SECONDS
  • DAY 12- 90 SECONDS
  • DAY 13- REST
  • DAY 14-90 SECONDS
  • DAY 15-90 SECONDS
  • DAY 16- 120 SECONDS
  • DAY 17-120 SECONDS
  • DAY 18-150 SECONDS
  • DAY 19- REST
  • DAY 20- 150 SECONDS
  • DAY 21-150 SECONDS
  • DAY 22-180 SECONDS
  • DAY 23-180 SECONDS
  • DAY 24- 210 SECONDS
  • DAY 25-REST
  • DAY 26-210 SECONDS
  • DAY 27-240 SECONDS
  • DAY 28- hold as much as possible

Watch the video below to see how to do the perfect plank:


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