This Man Grew His Own Cure For Skin Cancer In His Backyard

by Shelby

Cancer is one of the most common major diseases in society today. One of the most common types of cancer is skin cancer, and treatment can be costly and destructive.

Cancer is an extremely serious disease. There is a rising amount of cases all across the United States, and it’s hard to tell which is worse for us; cancer or the way we treat it. The most common treatment for cancer is chemotherapy, and it can be utterly detrimental to your health. Cancer treatment is a huge business today, and the same people causing it are the same people treating it. Big Pharmaceutical companies and CEO’s poison our food, water, and daily household items and then claim to cure us of the diseases it causes.

Cancer is a $200 billion dollar a year industry in America. The pharmaceutical companies and the rulers of the world are disallowing the natural alternatives to cancer and disease because money is more important to them. The problem is that you can’t patent a natural ingredient, thus we aren’t given that option for treatment. They aren’t in the business of getting rid of and preventing cancer, they’re in the business for treating it. More cancer equals more money for them, but one man found an interesting way around the schematics of the big pharma.

After twenty-five years of hospital visit after hospital visit, treatment after treatment, and bill after bill, Michael McShane decided to take things into his own hands. He suffered from skin cancer on his face, and it slowly deteriorated it too. After 25 years Michael realized that he was going to have to do something on his own to actually cure his cancer. So, he grew his own cure right in his backyard.

In the 1980’s Michael McShane was diagnosed with HIV, and back then HIV was basically a death sentence. If you don’t know, HIV corrupts the immune system and makes you susceptible to basically all infections. Some of the most common infections acquired after HIV diagnosis is pneumonia, tuberculosis, and cancer. Michael had an aggressive case of skin cancer on his neck. He had a risky surgery performed that took a part of his jugular vein with it, and for a temporary amount of time, he was mute.

Aside from the surgery, Michael had radiation treatment that burned him and left him in immense pain. Afterward, it seemed like Michael acquired one disease after another. His health was steadily declining piece by piece. He eventually acquired neck cancer, skin cancer, and squamous cell carcinoma.

He received more chemotherapy and more surgery until he finally decided to take things into his own hands. He had medical bills that were adding up to over a million dollars, and he had to do something. He happened to be familiar with cannabis before his diagnosis. He was actually an authorized cannabis patient in his home of Detroit, Michigan. It helped him manage the tremendous amounts of side effects from his diseases, but something was said at a dispensary event that caught his attention.

There was a fellow, in particular, that was always talking about the oil being kind of “do anything”. […] One day I approached him squarely and said, “Look, I want to ask you this one question and try to keep it between the lines here, does [cannabis oil] work on cancer?” And he said, “Yes, that’s what I’ve been talking about this whole time!”

He had just been diagnosed once again with his cancer after all the conventional methods had failed. He began making and eating Rick Simpson Oil, a concentrated full plant extract, an essential oil from the cannabis plant.

“It’s surprising that cannabis had gone from a recreational thing, a pretty negative thing to something that really helped me. This is the polar opposite of everything that I had heard for 50 years of my life.”

“I got so interested in the oil I absolutely lost interest in my career. It had no bearing whatsoever. Once I saw this oil miracle occurred, it was all in for me. That was it. It changed my life and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since ” Michael McShane said.

McShane grew over 6 pounds of cannabis and transformed it into 280 grams of oil over 5 months. He consumed it all, and eventually, he pulled himself off of his HIV medications. He fired his doctors. He even started making it for other people! His demand for cannabis oil was extremely big. ”I was getting money sent to me in paper bags from all over the country. People were pleading with me, would I please make oil for them.

Patients of all different kinds of ailments were seeking his products, brain cancer included. In fact, his cannabis oil saved the life of a little girl who suffered from brain cancer. Cancer is a life or death situation and when it comes down to it, if marijuana works, it works. It doesn’t matter about the social stigma it has or whether it is illegal. It’s life or death.

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