These Politicians Support GMOs, but Eat Organic at Home

by Shelby

As I’m sure you have heard GMOs are taking over! They seem to be everywhere we turn, whether we like it or not.


About 80% of our food products here in the United States contain GMO ingredients, things that other countries have been smart enough to ban because they are not good for peoples’ health.

This high content of GMOs was made possible because of the support companies have gotten from major politicians who have been able to silence the media. Only a few larger politicians have actually stood up against these agrochemical giants (like Monsanto for example). This large group of people pushing GMOs onto the public don’t seem to like these GMOs themselves as it turns out they actually eat organic food at home!

Hillary Clinton recently stood up for the industry of Biotech and said that GMOs should be re-branded so that people would not fear them anymore. What she was trying to say is that the companies shouldn’t have to label their products as GMOs, how absurd is that? Her husband Bill is also known for appointing Michael Taylor (former Monsanto attorney) to be head of the FDA!

This is what allowed Michael Taylor to approve the highly dangerous and controversial chemical rBGH which is used for milk-producing livestock. Who also along with Hillary and Bill dine on organic foods.

It is also known that Romney and Obama are strong supporters of GMOs and Monsanto itself all eat organic. Romney is known to eat organic right down to his peanut butter! The Obama’s even spend time growing organic food in the white house garden that they enjoy eating regularly. Remember when Obama promised to label GMOs appropriately? What happened there….?

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