German City is the First to ban single-Use Coffee Pods!

by Shelby

I’m sure if you haven’t used these before you know someone who has. These adorable little coffee pods made by companies like Keurig are actually not a good thing!


These pods are extremely popular and are supposed to be made out of recyclable materials, but the problem is that while they technically are, these pods are made of plastic and aluminum making them unable for plants to properly recycle. Plus they are extremely detrimental to health!

A city in Germany known as Hamburg has banned the use of the pods in all government ran buildings there. Hamburg is the first city to ever do this in the whole world! The founder of Keurig and creator of the K-cup (John Sylvan) has even said that sometimes he feels bad that he created them and that they will never be fully recyclable. Sounds like we all need to get on board with Hamburg! For more on the matter watch the video below!

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