The Right Sleeping Posture To Reduce Back Pain

by Shelby

We all have to sleep at some point. Not that any of us are complaining about going to bed anymore. As a kid we hated it, but as an adult, we literally can’t get enough sleep.

Sleep is crucial to good health, both physical and mental. Without sleep, our body has no period of time to restore its damage and refresh itself. When we enter rapid eye movement sleep our body repairs itself. Without it, our health can decrease rapidly. It can be easy to stay up in today’s world because we basically have no time to do what we want to do. We’re always at work and if we’re not we are tending to our other responsibilities. Sometimes it can feel like nighttime is the only you time you can get.

Not only do we have to sleep, it also matters how you are sleeping. Thousands, if not millions, of Americans, suffer from immense back pain. Our sleep postures aren’t so great anymore because we work such long work days. During an eight hour shift, you are most likely stationary for the entire time. Our workdays are having an extremely negative effect on our postures. Many people are resorting to pain medications and drugs to cope with the everyday pain, but this only causes more problems. The correct way to treat any health issue is naturally. Thus, to relieve back pain all you have to do is sleep in this position.

The best position to sleep for back pain is always to lie on your back. However, to eliminate back pain you’re going to need to know how to align yourself properly. As long as you have the correct pillow and mattress, this position puts no stress on your body. If you feel some tension all you have to do is place a small cushion under the back of your knees. It supports the body’s natural form and makes you feel comfier. When you sleep on your stomach it twists the neck muscles and makes them super sore the next morning.

Make sure you have a good quality mattress and some good quality pillows. Sleep is super important, and if you’re not getting enough sleep it very well might be the root of your issues. If you experience back pain all you have to do is sleep on your back with a cushion under your knees. Voila, no more back pain and you didn’t even have to get addicted to drugs!

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