Check Yourself for Parasites and Cancer by Looking at Your Neck

by Shelby

Parasites are literally a nightmare; not only are they terrifying, but they cause massive health conditions too. Thankfully, there is an easier way to determine whether or not you might have parasites.

Parasites aren’t the only thing we have to worry about today either. In fact, cancer is often referred to as a parasitic disease because of how fast it spreads. Cancer has stricken terror in the lives of millions, and cancer treatment is even worse than the disease itself. Many researchers and physicians claim that it is chemotherapy that is killing people, not cancer. Many people have even been misdiagnosed with cancer and died in the treatment of a disease they never had in the first place.

You seriously just can’t trust the modern day medical industry. Pharmaceutical companies are only trying to make money when they treat us. The more disease the more money they get, so by no means are they trying to prevent disease. They actually run and produced by the same people who put dangerous chemicals in our food that cause disease.

They’re poisoning us and causing disease, then we are turning around and asking the same people to get rid of it. It’s simply a rigged business that thrives on the nightmarish diseases we see today. I mean, wouldn’t you think disease should be a minimal issue with all the ‘health advancements’ we have made today.

If you are worried about cancer or parasites do not fret. You don’t have to risk going to the doctor and getting misdiagnosed and mistreated. Doctors methods of detecting cancer even cause cancer, take mammograms for example. Women everywhere are urged to go get them every year after the age of 50, but they actually increase your risk of acquiring cancer. Instead of taking all of those unnecessary risks, you can do this easy and at home test to determine whether or not you might be affected/infected.

Our lymph nodes are basically the control center of our immune system. We can use them to determine when our health might be in jeopardy because they swell when they are put to work. They produce the white blood cells we need to fight infections. You can determine whether or not you are infected with parasites or cancer by examining your lymph nodes. When something is wrong they become inflamed and swollen. You can also feel a pain from them when you are sick.

A bump on your neck, behind your ear, or elsewhere might indicate a swollen lymph node. It’s important to have it checked out because it could be cancer, parasites, or simply the common cold!

Common Causes of Swollen Lymph Nodes

  • The common cold, measles, chickenpox, mono, and other common viruses as well as more serious conditions, such as herpes and HIV

  • Strep, staph, cat scratch disease, tuberculosis, and other bacterial diseases as well as s@xually transmitted conditions, such as syphilis and chlamydia

  • Histoplasmosis, coccidiomycosis, and other fungal diseases

  • Toxoplasmosis and other parasitic infestations

  • Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and a number of other inflammatory conditions

  • Lung cancer, lymphomas, leukemia, and other cancers related to the lymphatic system

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